Fendi Friendly Interior Design

Design is an expression of a person’s style and individuality. Our interior design services in Naples, Florida inspires us to continue this sense of style. As we design for our clients, we want to make sure their living space is custom to them. Fashion is another way for us to show a glimpse of our personality. Combining the two creates more fun in our lives.

A few weekends ago, we saw Fendi open up a limited edition pop-up cafe in Miami’s Design District inspired by their new Vertigo collection. It brought us back to the time we had the opportunity to create custom shelves for the well-known brand. It was an amazing experience to work with Fendi, who’s known to have a superb reputation for quality and taste.

We decided to take a trip over to Miami and get inspired by the Design’s Districts architecture and atmosphere while also grabbing a coffee at the Fendi Caffè. Every detail was well thought out and tied into Fendi’s new collection perfectly. When we are hired for interior design, we believe the details are the most important part about the process. These small details don’t go unnoticed. Just like the way we felt about the energy at Fendi, we want our clients to have the same feeling in their own living space.

At Style and Decor, our mission is to bring our quality interior design services and make them unique to the homes of Southwest Florida. We are the go to company for custom furniture, window treatments, home renovations, interior boat design, and so much more! Contact us today and we will make your design dreams a reality.