Custom Furniture Makes For a Custom Home

When something is custom to your taste, it’s unique and one of a kind. It’s personalized and luxurious. Exclusivity is what makes it so special. We all strive for having something special in our lives. If you have a certain vision for your living space, but you’re not able to find the exact match at local department stores or online manufacturers, acquire professionals in their craft to design the best piece of furniture that has ever been moved into your home. Stop settling when it comes to your living space and start exploring the best options to make your home original. If you are in the Naples and Southwest Florida area, we have the best custom furniture for you!

Attention to Detail

When creating furniture for clients at Style and Decor, we dedicate our time in making sure each piece is curated and unique. The details are what make the furniture distinctive. Add a signature print or texture for a handcrafted design that will make guests who visit your home be in total awe. Obtain furniture that no retailer could ever sell and is unmatched in the industry. We guarantee it will be your favorite detail in your home to show off.

Make Your Home Your Own

We spend time with our clients asking them what they are looking for in their custom piece of furniture. After capturing their ideas, we make a sketch of the design with pencil and paper to start the creative process. Our furniture maker will build it with a wood frame that’s produced with quality and durability. Not only are clients getting a stylish piece of furniture, but everything we build is constructed with the finest standard that lasts. You are able to enjoy the custom furniture for many years to come.

Contact Us For Information

If you been in the process of finding the right upholster, your search is now over. We’ll make your interior design ideas come alive. Contact us at (239) 919-8421 or We are excited to join you in your style journey!